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Insurance Program Design

Protection of Company assets from physical loss or liabilities. Regular schedule of meetings with service providers and insurance carriers.
Minimum financial outlay and economy of premium payment. Development of loss control and safety techniques.

Insurance coverage specifically designed for
operations and exposures.

Establishment of claim processing and legal response.
Use of deductibles, retentions, and self insurance. Evaluation of Emergency Response Plan.
Flexible premium payment and risk financing. Captive Evaluation.

Agency Service Capabilities

Identify exposure to loss and liabilities. Allocate insurance costs to departments, subsidiaries, locations, cost centers, etc.
Offer alternative risk management techniques to handle
loss exposure.
Review and verify premium audits.
Comprehensive industry wide marketing of accounts. Provide insurance specifications for vendors and contractors.
Coordinate Insurance placement with specific company
needs and exposure to loss.
Provide evidences and certificates of insurance as required.
Develop company programs for deductibles, retentions and self insurance. Claim reporting and management.
Review insurance requirements in company contracts
and agreements.
Provide insurance and risk related information to clients.


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